My stroke guide


What is My Stroke Guide?

My Stroke Guide is a self-management tool to support people who have been affected by stroke.

It has been designed by the Stroke Association, working closely with stroke survivors and family members who have been involved in every step of its development. This so that their needs are at the heart of what My Stroke Guide delivers.

The Stroke Association created My Stroke Guide to help ensure that stroke survivors are never alone in their recovery. It provides the practical tools to help stroke survivors understand stroke and deal with its effects alongside peer support to combat feelings of isolation. Most importantly, My Stroke Guide is available online, 24 hours a day.

My Stroke Guide’s key features are:

  • Information about the effects of stroke and hints and tips about how to deal with them
  • Peer-to-peer support, including an extensive video library and an online forum
  • Goal-setting tools and graphs which reflect the individual’s progress
  • Advice and signposting on the various issues people can face after stroke.

My Stroke Guide in development

More questions?

If you would like to know more about My Stroke Guide  go to [email protected]

For further information about stroke, go to the Stroke Association website

Are you interested in commissioning My Stroke Guide?

If you are interested in commissioning My Stroke Guide in your area, please contact My Stroke Guide staff at [email protected] for more information.

My Stroke Guide and The Information Standard

After a stroke you need accurate and trustworthy information to help you understand what has happened and to support you in making informed choices for your future.

The Stroke Association is accredited by the Information Standard*, an important quality mark to reassure you that all our health and social care information is high quality and based on proper evidence.

This means that we review the information we provide regularly to ensure that the content is up-to-date and accurate. All our publications are referenced so you can see the sources we use. We also listen to the feedback you give us and aim to constantly improve.

If you would like to know more about our accreditation, you can take a look at the Information Standard website or contact us on [email protected].