Aphasia and communication | My Stroke Guide

What is aphasia?
  • Aphasia is a communication disability.
  • Aphasia can affect how you speak, understand, read and write.
  • The Band Trust funded the Stroke Assocation to make films about stroke and aphasia.
  • The films explain what stroke is, how it is treated, and living well after a stroke.
  • The films are for people who have aphasia.
  • Click on the icons below to view the films. 
  • If you want to more about communication after stroke, please go to the Communication Advice and information page. 

We would like to thank:

  • All who created designed and tested the images used in these films.
  • Ruth Herbert, Caroline Haw, Emma Gregory, Catherine Brown and Shelagh Brumfitt at the University of Sheffield.
  • Jon Dale of Transmit Creative Ltd.
  • People with aphasia and their families who helped us develop the images and make these short films.
  • Staff and volunteers at the Stroke Association for their advice and expertise.
  • The Band Trust for funding work on aphasia friendly content for My Stroke Guide.