What is the PREMS survey?

woman typing on laptop with stethoscope next to her

It is a survey from NHS England so that we can better understand how stroke care is provided. Keep reading to find out how it was developed and who will be filling it out.

PREMS stands for Patient Reported Experience Measures. By experience, we mean how you felt about your care and treatment. This could include what went well, but also things that might have gone better.  

Other areas of the NHS already have these surveys, including Cancer care and Inpatients. But this is the first time we are running one for Stroke.  

It is a really exciting project and is a great opportunity for stroke survivors to have their say and help to improve stroke services. 

How was it developed? 

The PREMS survey was developed by NHS England and the Stroke Association. But it was not done in isolation. 

Stroke survivors helped to design the survey. We also held discussion groups to find out what really matters to you. The questions in the survey will cover: 

  • Hospital stay 
  • Discharge from hospital 
  • Care and therapy after leaving hospital 
  • Other help, such as from the Stroke Association or other charities 
  • Return to work, or hobbies and activities that are important to you 

The Stroke Association and NHS England are working in partnership to produce the survey. This first survey is only for England this time around. We hope that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will look at doing something similar in the future. 

As well as multiple choice questions, there will be an opportunity for stroke survivors to share their experiences in their own words. 

Who will get this survey? 

The survey is going to be sent to everyone who had a stroke and was admitted to hospital in England between 16th May 2022 and 16th September 2022. Like other national surveys, we will be taking a ‘snapshot’ to compare experiences. 

A paper survey will be sent out in January 2023, and there will be an online option with accessibility features. All answers will be anonymous. 

Taking part is voluntary, but we hope that lots of you will return the survey. The more responses we get, the stronger the voice. 

Where can I get more information? 

You can find out more about PREMS at: https://www.stroke.org.uk/prems2022 

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