On a Good Day: A podcast for carers

Picture of Elizabeth and Julia with the words 'On a good day' written above them

After their husbands' strokes, Elizabeth and Julia wanted to share their experiences. They want to help other people who find themselves in a similar situation.

Elizabeth and Julia met through a mutual friend. They had been introduced because both of their husbands had had strokes.

The two men had very different experiences. But Elizabeth and Julia realised how similar they felt about it. And the ways their lives had changed.

"Our lives changed forever after our husbands suffered a brain injury. It also had a ripple effect on others in our wider family and community."

Elizabeth and Julia

The pair decided to start a podcast to share what it was like living with and caring for someone with a brain injury.

It's called On A Good Day.

Each episode finds Elizabeth and Julia speaking with someone who has experience living with a brain injury or working with those who do.

Sometimes that means talking to a doctor who had a stroke while still in medical school. Or it could mean speaking with a speech and language therapist on how to support someone with aphasia. There is also an episode from all about what to do when a loved one is in hospital.

You will also get to hear from their husbands on what it is like to live with a brain injury.

Elizabeth and Julia hope that their stories and the information from their guests will help anyone who knows someone who has had a stroke or other brain injury.

As Julia says in the first episode, their experiences are very different on the surface. But they both had to learn how to deal with the hospital. They had to cope with not knowing what was happening and having to be strong for everyone around them. This was especially true for their young children.

"Expect honest conversations about what goes on behind closed doors: the challenges and triumphs, the good days and the not so good days."

Elizabeth and Julia

You can listen to On A Good Day on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

And a warning, the podcast contains emotional accounts of brain injury.

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