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Clement Oke
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Find out what changes are happening on the website and forum this September

This month we are continuing the work needed to bring My Stroke Guide closer to the main website so that we can open up the content and forum to many more people affected by stroke.

We announced last month our plans to retire the brand but not lose all the wonderful resources that have helped so many stroke survivors on their road to recovery, and supported carers and family members with information.

Help Widget

This month we have installed the help widget on the forum itself. This widget has been on the content side of My Stroke Guide since November 2021 and allows visitors and forum members to search help articles or raise a ticket for one of the team to assist them. As the forum uses Discourse it does present a challenge when it comes to customising the widget. However, work continues to fix that issue. Find out more about how the help widget can help you here.

Screen capture of the forum with the expanded help widget
Screen capture of the forum with the expanded help widget

The forum web address

You can now access the forum using the address and it will automatically redirect you to This is one of the steps we're taking to bring My Stroke Guide closer to the main site and help more people find the forum community. We know that many charities follow this model and it will help to bring all our online resources closer together. We already use this with our online shop which can be found at

Once the content from the main site has been moved over to the main site, it's important that the link to the forum remains strong, easily accessible and recognisable as a site supported and maintained by the Stroke Association.

At that time, the default address will be but will continue to work and redirect visitors to the forum for many years to come.

What's coming up next?

In the next few weeks we will be updating the header with the Stroke Association logo with the words My Stroke Guide still visible. This change will happen on the forum and the content site. Everything else will stay the same in the meantime.

Discourse on which the forum platform is built, have also announced that they will default to their drop down or side navigation at their next update.

On the desktop the menu will appear on the left hand side and clicking on it will hide it from view.

We will test it over the next month and will welcome your feedback.

Screen capture showing the new position of the menu for the forum
Screen capture showing the new position of the menu for the forum

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