Community, connection and coping - support for your mental health after stroke

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Having stroke can impact on your daily life, relationships, and mental health. Support from people who have a deep understanding of the challenges you face can help you cope and manage better in your recovery.

The benefit of stroke support groups

Support groups, whether online or in person, is where people who have experienced similar things can talk and help each other. It's a safe place where you can share your feelings, fears, and even celebrate when you achieve something.

Being in a support group can make you feel like you belong and understand each other, which can make you feel happier and better. It's a brave thing to join a support group because it can be scary and vulnerable to ask for help, but it's actually a very strong and courageous thing to do.

It can help you feel connected to a community where you can be yourself and feel better inside. Many people who had a stroke and got support from the Stroke Association shared stories of how it made their lives better and helped them recover.

Where to find support groups - in person and online

As Covid took the world by storm in March 2020, many stroke support groups closed due to social distancing, making it even harder to find the support many needed. This increased isolation at a time when support and community was vital meant that many stroke survivors looked for other outlets for connection. As many in-person support groups sadly shut down, new online support groups emerged in its place. Providing a much needed channel for stroke survivors, carers, family and friends to connect with one another.

As a result of these challenging times, the Stroke Association recognised the importance of adapting, so you can now find a selection of stroke support groups both in person and online. However, in some cases it can be difficult to locate support groups in your area, but since the lockdown ended, new groups (both online and in-person) have started up again, so it's worth checking the links below regularly.

  • Support groups (Local) - use this search to find stroke support groups in and around your area.
  • Online support groups - use this search to find online support groups.
  • Here For You - a telephone service where you are matched with someone who has been through a similar situation to you.
  • Online Activities Hub - join our Online Activities Hub where you can connect with others play fun quizzes and get peer support.

If you need support using technology and digital services, please also visit our charity partner AbilityNet who can give you direct support, we also have a 'Getting online for people with aphasia guide' that you may also find useful.

We also offer local commissioned services that provide a variety of options. But, this can lead to differences in service availability between areas, and there may not be any services in your specific location. To explore what's offered near you, please click on below.

If you can't find a service in your area, contact our Stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100, or email, and we may be able to refer you to alternative resources.

Whether you prefer the social aspect of face-to-face meet ups or the convenience of virtual meetings in the comfort of your own home, our website offers various options.

Support groups can be a transformative step for stroke survivors, regardless of where you are in your recovery journey. The same also applies to carers, family, friends or anyone who have been affected by stroke. For more information, please visit our page Stroke Support Groups.

Hear it from someone who knows

In our playlist below, you'll hear from individuals who talk about how support groups have helped them on their path to recovery, and connected with people who have experienced the hardship of recovery and found hope.

Check out our YouTube channel to learn about stroke support groups and understand the importance of mental health. You can also find more insightful articles and stories about stroke support groups in our Stroke News Magazine.

Other ways to get in touch

If you're looking for more peer-to-peer support, join our thriving online community and visit our Forum. Connect with others who understand your journey and share in the strength of community.

If you have questions or need someone to talk to, our confidential Stroke Helpline is ready to help individuals affected by stroke in the UK Please reach out to our Stroke Helpline by calling 0303 3033 100 or sending an email to

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