Looking into the future and recalling the past

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I hope you will join me in making peace with the past and looking forward to sharing a bright and happy future in the New Year. I am Bobbi, I had a Stroke almost two years ago and live supported by the power behind the throne, my wife and my rock.

Writing a blog

Having the opportunity to be a guest writer here at the Blog has been a wonderful experience. It was a pleasure to share some of my stories from the days since I was admitted to a stroke ward about 22 months ago. It is important to me that others realise I am still a person, with opinions and feelings, even though I sometimes struggle with everyday life and need support and encouragement.

My wife is proud of my efforts. She has made sure relatives, friends and acquaintances have received a copy of each blog piece as it was released. She has a wide range of internet friends all over the globe and they too have been able to read my writings. She has always received a positive response.

I have been told in the Online Forum that some there also like my message and have enjoyed my sense of humour.

Finding myself

Stroke can be a lonely experience. To hear that someone knows what you are going through knocks down those walls that enclose us. Though I have been disabled I am still the same person here inside. I appreciate being recognised for who I am. I have difficulties to deal with, I need help and support at times but I'm still and will always be that infuriating, awkward individual who is determined to do things 'in his own way'.

Despite the problems and challenges, life is worth living. Having a giggle, or launching into a fully formed belly laugh can help deal with the kerfuffles that crop up once in a while.

It is important that I thank those who have given me opportunities, encouragement, support and so much more, without which none of this would have been possible. It has been a great and good experience, to be here, sharing with you.


  • I have gained some mobility, using a rollator and walking stick to get about the house.
  • I can now get back to the kitchen where, from a perching stool, I am able to make a brew even advancing, with some help, to baking a few scones.
  • I have met up with others at the Online Forum to share interests and experiences. It is good to communicate.
  • I have organised small Zoom sessions where a few of us meet face to face each week. We discuss our opinions, what we like and what we dislike. There is always a bit of fun.
  • In the New Year I will be meeting up with others. Someone has offered to take me in his car. It will be the first time I have enjoyed a social occasion since my stroke almost two years ago. I am very much looking forward to that.


We all have plans, hopes and dreams but what will be, will be.

I hope that, above all else, you will find happiness in the New Year and that, somehow, somewhere, we will meet again.

Keep on keepin' on


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