Community, connection and coping - support for your mental health after stroke

Having stroke can impact on your daily life, relationships, and mental health. Support from people who have a deep understanding of the challenges you face can help you cope and manage better in your recovery.

Celebrating Black heroes and pioneers in British healthcare history

October marks UK Black History Month, celebrating trailblazers who shaped every aspect of British society. This month spotlights healthcare pioneers and heroes in UK history.

Forum update - September

Find out what changes are happening on the website and forum this September

The Help widget - improving the forum

You might have noticed that question mark icon at the bottom right hand corner of your screen when visiting the forum. We explain the reason it's there and how it helps improve the forum.

Have your say in We Are Undefeatable's public consultation!

This September, the We Are Undefeatable team are gathering ideas from people on the type of tools and resources that are most needed to support people with health conditions to get active.

Artificial Intelligence and avoiding scams

As technology continues to advance at a dizzying pace, scammers have found a new way to exploit vulnerable people using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Order our new communication support pack

The Stroke Association has created a new communication support pack to help people with communication difficulties. In this article, we will look at the resources in the pack and explain how to order one.

Cooking with Chris

The My Stroke Guide team have been busy working on an exciting new video project, featuring the ever-inspiring chef and stroke survivor, Chris King from Chequers Kitchen.

How and why we regularly update the forum

You may have noticed a few changes on the forum in the last few weeks. These are the result of the latest round of updates to the software. But how and why do we make these updates?

Stroke research: why is it important and how can you get involved?

Research is vital. It helps us find new ways to improve care and treatment for the 1.3 million stroke survivors. But we're always looking for more volunteers to help us improve our work.

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Having stroke can impact on your daily life, relationships, and mental health. Support from people…