Aphasia and communication information

This section provides information videos on aphasia and its effects, communication and help and support available.

This section provides information videos on aphasia and its effects, communication and help and support available.

There are videos on the following topics:

  • What is aphasia?
  • Effects of stroke
  • Living with stroke
  • Stroke treatment
  • Stroke information

What is aphasia?

  • Aphasia is a language and communication disability. 
  • Aphasia can make it hard to understand speech, reading, writing and using numbers.
  • The videos explain what stroke is, how it is treated, and living well after a stroke.
  • The videos are for people who have aphasia.

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People with aphasia say
Aphasia after stroke
Speech after stroke
What can help you and your aphasia?

Effects of stroke

Balance problems after stroke
Eating and drinking after a stroke
Sensation after a stroke
Being tired after stroke
Emotions after a stroke
Vision after a stroke

Continence problems after stroke
Moving your body after stroke

Living with stroke

Driving after stroke
Preventing another stroke
Your wellbeing after stroke
Getting better after a stroke
Transport after a stroke
Going out after a stroke: Blue Badge Scheme
Using public toilets after a stroke

Stroke treatment

Emergency stroke treatment
Tests to find out about your stroke
Emergency treatment for an ischaemic stroke
Treatment for a haemorrhagic stroke
Medicines for treating an ischaemic stroke

Stroke information

Haemorrhagic stroke
Your brain
How to the brain works
Ischaemic stroke