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Support World Stroke Day: 29th October

celebrate world stroke day with a new plant

World Stroke Day is about observe the serious condition that is stroke, with 1 in 4 of us affected its important that we continue to raise awareness of stroke, how to prevent it and the important rehabilitation work surrounding it. Today we have teamed up with Dobbies Garden Centres to encourage their customers to donate the price of a cup of tea to the Stroke Association, with all of the funds going directly to helping people rebuild their lives after stroke. 

Dobbies have gone the extra mile and also provided videos of some autumnal gardening inspiration. Encouraging you to spend time outdoors, get your hands dirty and do an activity that help keeps your mind and body active, doing gardening can help you relax, it has been clinically proven that gardening is an essential activity to rehabilitation, much like art therapy or other types of physical exercise. 

Helping you get back in touch with nature and enjoy watching the life cycle of your plants, also encouraging you to care for something, helping you relax and enjoy yourself. Why not make an autumnal bird feeder or a small terrarium, have a look at the videos below for inspiration.


Essential Autumn Bird Feeder

How to make a terrarium

If you have enjoyed these videos, you can watch more on the My Stroke Guide YouTube channel, or if you would like to get in touch about your gardening experiences please write to us at

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According to World Stroke Organisation, 1 in 4 adults will have a stroke, the best way to prevent it or decrease your risk of stroke is to keep your body and mind active. Join us in raising awareness of stroke, no matter how big or small the effort, every bit counts.