Preparing vegetables with one hand

In this video, Chris shows you how you how to cut and prepare vegetables with one hand using the guillotine method.


A bowl.

Knife and chopping board.

An anti-slip mat for your chopping board (if you have one), alternatively you can also use a damp tea towel and place it under your chopping board.


  1. Cut up your vegetables using the guillotine method, ensuring you always have a flat surface to work from, avoiding the vegetables from rolling around on your chopping board and ensuring safety.
  2. Place your vegetables into your chosen Tupperware and put in the fridge for another meal later on in the week.


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If you have swallowing difficulties, you should check that the consistency of the food/recipe is suitable or can be modified to the recommended level on the IDDSI framework ( based on the advice of your speech and language therapist. If you need any further advice, please contact your speech and language therapist.