How to make Roast Potatoes in an Air Fryer

Roast potatoes in 20 minutes? In this video, Andrea shows us how to make roast potatoes in an air fryer using only a tablespoon and a half of oil, and NO salt.

If you'd like to see the ingredients or download a highly accessible version of this recipe, you can do that here.


Andrea: Hello my name's Andrea I'm a qualified nutritionist and chef working at Greenwich Pantry, a food business that teaches cookery skills. 

In this video, we'll be making roast potatoes. We're going to look at how to make them in an air fryer but you can make them in the oven instead.

Joining me today is Ashley from the Stroke Association 

Ashley: Hello! I have to say I've been really looking forward to this recipe I love roast potatoes.

Andrea: You and everyone else, I think. And by doing them in an air fryer we can really reduce the amount of oils that we use when cooking them.

Ashley: Okay great. I should add here that we're not being sponsored or promoted by any particular air fryer brand or even air fryers in general. But they are becoming really popular so we wanted to include a recipe. 

Andrea: The prep for this recipe will take between 10 to 15 minutes. If you're cooking in an air fryer the cooking time will be around 20 minutes but in the oven it'd be closer to 45 minutes to an hour.

Ingredients we'll be using today will of course be potatoes. We'll be using some oil, black pepper, paprika, garlic--this one's in the tube it's been prepared for us--and herbs. We'll be using oregano today but you can use whatever herbs you like thyme, sage, rosemary whatever you like.

Ashley: Okay and we will list those ingredients in the video description below.

Andrea: So for this recipe, you will need a large bowl which we've got over here. You also need something to stir with, measuring spoons, chopping boards and of course your air fryer. 

So should we get chopping?

Ashley: Yeah.

Andrea: Okay. So you will be using your special chopping board?

Ashley: I am.

Andrea: To show people how to use one of them.

Ashley: Yeah so these are, these can be really useful if you have limited mobility in one hand. Because what you can do, is you just take your ingredient and you press it onto the spikes here. Do be careful not to hurt yourself with the spikes.

We just press that straight on and then we can use our knife to start chopping. This knife lets you hold your wrist in a slightly more natural position which some people may find a bit more, a bit easier. 

And then all we have to do is chop down.

Andrea: We're keeping all the nutrients and potatoes by leaving the skins on them, just make sure you wash them thoroughly. 

When we're chopping the potatoes we're going to try it and have them more or less the same size and not too small.

Ashley: I think I've gone too small with these.

Andrea: Not too big for today. I'm going to be using the bridge method. Again because it stabilises your ingredients, in this case, your potato. When you're cutting into it so it keeps my fingers away from the knife as well, So I'm going to make them about this size okay?

Ashley: Okay

Andrea:: We won't get it exactly the same but we try.


Andrea: How are you doing?

Ashley: Doing okay. I find the potatoes are a little hard to lift off of this, so you may want to stabilise it with something heavy or this may be one where you don't want to use your speciality chopping board. It's entirely up to you.

Andrea:  Okay with this potato it's really large so the bridge method may be hard for me to use because my hands are not big enough. So I'm going to hold it using what we call the claw method. That also stabilizes the potato as well and then move my fingers back a bit.

Okay so that's all chopped, so what we can do is just put them in our bowl.

Ashley: Okay. And I'll just take that away.

Andrea: Okay. We're going to start with our oil, we're measuring the oil.

Ashley: I'll be honest I normally when I make your roast potatoes, I just pour oil straight in. 

Andrea: Okay you may have been advised by your doctor to reduce your oil. How do you know how to reduce it if you don't know how much you're using?

So measuring it will give you an idea of how much you're using. Now because we're cooking them in the air fryer we don't need that much oil. So I'm just using a tablespoon. That may be too much for some people yeah but we can use a tablespoon today.

Ashley: And what kind of oil are we using?

Andrea: We're using an unsaturated oil today and this is a rapeseed oil. We could use sunflower oil or corn oil.

The reason we're using this is because we've been advised it doesn't raise our bad cholesterol levels. Some people also like to use olive oil but the only thing with olive oil is that it's really expensive. So it's better to go with one of these oils because they're cheaper.

Ashley: Okay great.

Andrea: With these you don't really need to measure because they're not going to affect your cholesterol or have any adverse effects on your health. It's about adding flavour to your food.

So the black pepper because it's like this it's not a shaker I will use a spoon. You can use as much as you want, so if you want it really hot put in plenty. If you don't, only put in a, a little bit. 

So today I'm not sure what people's preferences are I'm only going to put a little bit in okay.

Ashley: Now I notice you don't have any salt on there?

Andrea: No we don't, because salts can cause problems especially if you have had a stroke you've probably been advised not to use salt. That's why we're using more herbs and spices. To give you the flavour...

Ashley: without needing the salt.

Andrea: Exactly.

Ashley: Makes sense.

Andrea: And that's why you you know you can use them freely as well. With salt? No.

Ashley: Yeah 

Andrea: So paprika again I'm going to take the lid off. Putting much or as little as you want. And then we've got our oregano, quite a big jar so I'm going to put my fingers in.

And garlic. Again this is about taste if you like it garlicy, you can put in lots. If you don't put in a little.

Ashley: Okay. I did notice when I was looking at that earlier there is a tiny bit of salt in it. Is this something you could make yourself?

Andrea: You could um you could get your garlic and put in a blender. You need to put some oil in there for it to go liquid like this. But you could put in a blender and make up a batch and keep it in the fridge and go to it whenever you want. There's also oil in this as well so I will measure this.

See the oil coming out of that?

Ashley: Yeah.

Andrea: Now it's up to you can either use a spoon or you can just put your hands in that and mix it up. Do you want me to do that?

Ashley: Why don't you go ahead?

Andrea: Okay. 

Ashley: So now presumably if you are struggling with your mobility using your hands with maybe something to stabilize the bowl might be a little easier.

Andrea: Exactly it would. Also if you are having problems with your hands and holding a spoon, sticking your hands in the bowl is probably easier. And maybe having a bowl that's slightly bigger if your hands are bigger would make it easier as well.

So make sure that all the potatoes are well coated with the oil and your spice mix okay. Okay, well covered. Okay I'm just gonna wash my hands.

This air fryer is really easy to use. If you'd just like to pull the drawer out?

Ashley: Okay 

Andrea: This one is quite small, it's enough for one or two people. And you just pour your potatoes in there. You could put a liner in that to help keep it clean so you don't have to wash it all the time and just throw the liner away. 

Pour them in.

Put the drawer back in.

So this air fryer is really easy to use. On top here we've got something like the oven settings it goes up to 200 degrees and then we've got a timer on the side here, it goes up to 30 minutes. 

The dials are really easy to use so if you've got any problems with dexterity or strength in your hands. Hardly you have to use hardly in your strength for that. Also with this one it's easy just to pull the shelf out check on your ingredients that you're cooking and easy to turn them around with a spoon, okay?

Ashley: Okay

Andrea; So would you like and try to use that?

Ashley: Yeah 

Andrea: It's already on 200 or so I would leave that and then just turn it to about 20 minutes.

Ashley: 20 minutes?

Andrea: Yeah and we can check it in 20 minutes time okay yeah and that's it and that's it.

Ashley: Oh wow 


Andrea: Let's check our potatoes, Ashley

Ashley: Okay.

Andrea: Look at those, those look really nice. 

Ashley: Oh those look great.

Andrea: Just test them, knife method and they're cooked. 

Ashley: Great, they smell wonderful.

Andrea: They do didn't they? See they're all Cooked so that was 20 minutes.

Ashley: That's so fast. 

Andrea: So again I'm going to use the spoon to dish them out on the plate. Just in case you haven't got the strength to pick a container up.

If you want them a little bit browner you can leave them in a little bit longer.

There we are. Would you like a taste?

Ashley: I would love a taste. Here you go.

Andrea: Thank you. That was really hot.

Ashley: It is. But it's really nice. 

Andrea: So potatoes in less than 20 minutes, actually. 

Ashley: It's kind of incredible actually. Excuse me.

Please do let us know in the comments if you've tried this recipe out for yourself or if you have any questions.

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Andrea: Thank you