Stroke changes everything: Rupert's Story

Stroke can change your life in an instant. And it can be hard to find people who understand. Rupert had a rare type of stroke when he was just 42. He felt isolated and couldn’t get the information he needed. Then he found the My Stroke Guide forum. 

Rupert: Stroke wasn't even on my radar you know I was a I was a mess an absolute mess for about a year. And then I found a community. You know from 18 year olds to 90 year olds, people from all different backgrounds, whether they're students or unemployed or barristers. Sort of like a community in your pocket, in a sense.

And the responses I get back, comfort me in knowing that I'm not alone. I found that I could help other people so it became a mutual exchange.

It's amazing to have that resource so quick at hand. I mean we we are a veritable pharmacy of knowledge. To be informed when you go and speak to your GP.

And it's such a caring group of people as well.