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Mobile Video

  • Section 1 - Aphasia and technology

    In this section:

    • Learn about aphasia.

    • See how technology can help you communicate.

  • Section 2 - Why get online

    In this section:

    • Find out how getting online can help you.

    • What to think about before you go online.

  • Section 3 - Online basics (part 1)

    In this section:

    • Learn about your device.

    • Learn about different keyboards.

    • Using a computer mouse.

    • Using touchpads and touchscreens.

  • Section 3 - Online basic terms (part 2)

    In this section:

    Common words used online.

  • Section 4 - Online safety

    In this section:

    • Learn about passwords.

    • Find out more about online scams.

    • Learn how to stay safe online.

  • Section 5 - Connecting to WiFi

    In this section:

    • Connect your computer to WiFi.

    • Connect your iPad or iPhone to WiFi.

    • Connect your android tablet or smartphone to WiFi.