Stroke specific exercise video programme

mobility class

Physical activity is a great way to improve overall health throughout your recovery and later on in life. It can help improve mood and increase energy levels. It can also help reduce the risk of another stroke.

We’ve teamed up with A Stroke of Luck, a charity that specialises in exercise-based recovery for stroke survivors, to produce a stroke-specific exercise programme of short videos to help you be more active at home. There are 12 videos on physical activity in total, which you can follow at a pace that suits you, whether that’s week-by-week or day-by-day*. 

Step 1 - watch the introduction video

If you’re a stroke survivor, it's important to watch the introduction video below to understand how the videos meet your needs. You’ll need to decide which group is best for you: 

Red group is for people with limited mobility. 

Amber group is for those with some mobility. 

Green group is for people who are independently mobile. 

Introduction video

If you are a carer, we have a dedicated video to demonstrate how you can best support someone doing the exercises, and how you can look after yourself. This is especially important if the person you are supporting is in the red or amber groups. 

Advice and exercises for carers

Step 2 - follow the programme

Once you have decided which group is right for you, follow the programme for your group below. Work through the videos at a pace that suits you.  

Red group

Videos in the red group are for people who:

  • Have limited mobility.
  • Sit in a supported wheelchair/armchair.
  • Use a hoist or rota stand for transfer.
  • Require assistance from a carer to support movement and exercise.
  • Fatigue very quickly.

Below is a playlist of all the videos, to look at the rest of the playlist, click the icon with three lines and a play button in the right-hand corner.

You can also watch each weekly video by clicking below:

Amber group

Videos in the amber group are for people who:

  • Have some mobility.
  • Can sit without support.
  • Can move but may need to be supported on their weaker side.
  • Can grip an object.
  • Can walk with assistance and/or walking aid.
  • Need to hold bannisters when going up and downstairs.
  • Can exercise independently but may require support from a piece of furniture.
  • May need assistance when fatigued.
Playlist of videos for amber group

You can also watch each weekly video by clicking below:

Green group

Videos in the green group are for people who:

  • Are independently mobile.
  • Can grip an object.
  • Do not need a walking aid.
  • Can walk as a form of exercise.
  • Can go up and down stairs unaided.
  • Can get on the floor and back up unaided.
  • Have a good range of motion.
  • Can complete an exercise programme independently.
Playlist of videos for green group

You can watch each weekly video by clicking below:

Step 3 - Sign up to My Stroke Guide for extra support  

Join thousands of others affected by stroke. Create an account on My Stroke Guide. It’s free and available no matter where you live, 24/7. 

As well as reliable information and support about stroke, our helpful videos can support you to understand stroke and manage its effects, and include more tips on how to improve health and mental wellbeing. Visit the My Stroke Guide YouTube channel.

Our friendly online forums are also a great place to connect with others and share your stroke experience. You may want to share your progress with the exercise programme on our forum.  

Additional information is also available on the Stroke Association website on staying active when staying at home and getting moving after a stroke

*Each video is led by a qualified physiotherapist and includes written coaching notes to emphasise points to work on. These videos are intended to support the rehabilitation needs of stroke survivors but may not be suitable for everyone. Before using these videos, please discuss their suitability with your doctor or stroke health professional.

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