Get back into gardening with Dobbies Garden Centres

jonathan jones holding strawberries in garden

Becoming more active in and around your home

Gardening is a brilliant hobby to improve physical activity, mobility and emotional wellbeing. We have teamed up with the kind folk at Dobbies Garden Centres to provide people affected with stroke practical information to support them with getting into gardening. The videos below show you how to plant a pot of seeds and plant plugs. What you plant is entirely up to you. If gardening is something that has benefited you, we would love to know your gardening story.

It helps my self-esteem, it helps my mood. I look at my Fitbit and it’s amazing how much exercise I’ve done, it also helps me with my diet. Any problems I have just fade away when you’re on your hands and knees digging weeds out. It just helps you feel better.

Jonathan Jones, stroke survivor

Prepare yourself before trying out something new

Gardening can help you move more, and improve your fitness in and around your home. These videos may be suitable for you if you feel ready to get back into physical activity. But before you get started, make sure you know what movements are safe for you. If you’re not sure, you should get individual advice from a therapist or doctor first. For seated exercises and specialist stroke information, visit the Stroke Association website.

How to grow vegetables in hanging baskets
How to grow vegetables in containers

We would love to hear from you

Whether you are new to gardening or you're naturally a green-thumb, we would love to hear all the tips and advice you have learned. 

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