What to do when stroke strikes


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Stroke can change your life in an instant but having the right information and support could make all the difference

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There was no My Stroke Guide when Claire had her stroke at 19. It didn't exist yet. Three years later, though, she discovered My Stroke Guide. The informative videos and community-led forum were exactly what Claire was looking for.

"It helped me. It was like a massive stepping stone to help me with my recovery."

Reading about other people's experiences and connecting with them gave her confidence. "I was able to talk to others that were going through similar experiences as me like isolation, nerve damage, emotional difficulties…"

Knowing that other people have been through the same thing made a huge difference for Claire.

"My Stroke Guide made me feel so much more positive that actually there is life beyond stroke."

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What are the signs of stroke and why does it happen?

27 October 2021 What are the signs of stroke and why does it happen?

An ischaemic stroke happens when a blockage cuts off the blood supply to the brain. You may also hear it referred to as a clot.